Description bedroom GRAND “SHTRIHLAK”

The bedroom of “Grand” in the color “Shtrikhlak” is a bright representative of the classics. Our designers and designers offered two options for the bed: a rigid backrest and a backrest with a soft insert. The edges of the headboard and footboard are framed with PPU elements, which makes the details more refined and elegant. Along with the bed, a standard set of furniture includes two bedside tables, a chest of drawers with a wall mirror and a four-winged wardrobe. The frame for mirrors and the cornice – the crown decorating the cabinet, is made of modern technological material – PPU, the production line of which was launched at the factory in 2015. All the original facades of this bedroom set are lacquered with high gloss technology. The bedroom furniture in the classical style is elegant and at the same time it is rational and very comfortable. The bedroom of the classical style skillfully combines elements of luxury and functional components.

Pilaster (637.088) is a mandatory connecting and finishing element of the cabinet group. Cornice (637.089), Cap (637.670), Eaves connectors (SK180, SKL 90, UPC 90) are mandatory elements of the cabinet group. Crown is installed at will, is not an obligatory element. The cornice protrudes 75 mm from each side. The height of the eaves is 60 mm.

Material: Shell: Strihlak ”


Orthopedic bed base is optional: Base bed 1600 * 2000 L63-13R

Information about the delivery of the bedroom of the GRAND “SHTRIHLAK”