Children’s Rico

Children’s Rico 3

Детская Рико 3

Set of furniture in the nursery Children’s Rico 1

Modern modular kit for children’s room made in bright and saturated contrasting colors. Children’s Rico includes everything necessary for a full rest, study and entertainment of the child. The multifunctional bed is equipped with a small two-door wardrobe for outer clothing, four pull-out shelves, thanks to which you can remove a large number of toys and personal clothes of the child, a roll-out desk. Two-door shshkaf behind the doors of which there is a mezzanine shelf and a rope for outer clothing with two drawers from below. Cabinet-pencil case with four shelves for clothes and linen. An original open rack with shelves, which has a hidden section with a blind door on the side.

The set of children’s furniture Rico consists of:

  1. НМ 011.56 Bed with draw-out table (it is separately completed with a mattress 800 * 1900)
  2. НМ 013.02-03 with boxes
  3. НМ 013.01-03 Penal
  4. НМ 013.93-02 The rack

Modular Kids Room Rico 3

Multifunctional, positive, beautifully decorated children’s furniture. Set Children’s Rico 3 is equipped with all the most necessary for the children’s room and a full-time pastime of the child in the room. There is a comfortable and functional combined bed with a turntable and a multitude of drawers for linen and clothes, cabinets with drawers, shelving cabinets with open shelves, where you can place books, books and other accessories

Children’s Rico 3 – is a modular kit for a children’s room, which can be bought as an entire set, and each module individually in a single color and style.

The children’s furniture set “Rico3” consists of the following modules

  1. НМ 011.55 Bed with rotary table (it is separately completed with a mattress 800 * 1900)
  2. НМ 013.01-02 Cabinet with a drawer
  3. НМ 013.93 Shelving unit
  4. HM 013.04-02 Corner cabinet
  5. НМ 013.01-03 Cabinet
  6. НМ 013.93-01 Shelving unit