Children’s Sonia 5 Premium


Children’s furniture Sonya 5 Premium

Attractive, modern, practical and incredibly stylish furniture set for the children’s room Sonya-5 Premium, which strikes with its design, perfection and special style, will help to rationally use the space in the children’s room, properly organize recreation areas, entertainment and workplace, create a unique comfort. The facades of the modules decorated with an original, lacy three-dimensional drawing will bring to the interior of the nursery a completely new shades and emotions.

  • The kit includes: Combined chest of drawers, which is equipped with four drawers for small items, beneath them are two open niches and two compartments with storage shelves, which are located behind two swinging doors. The presence of an elegant oval mirror in a figured frame with carved ornament will visually increase the space of the nursery and decorate it.
  • A comfortable single bed with a high carved back will protect from the cold and provide a full rest and a healthy sleep. At the bottom of the bed is a wide drawer for storing toys or bedding.
  • Two open hinged shelves provide an extra space for storing toys, souvenirs or books.
  • A comfortable, classic desk has five drawers of different sizes that allow you to accurately place stationery and other school supplies.
  • Stylish, safe, compact ottoman with a soft seat on top, perfectly complements and matches with all the modules of children’s furniture.

Modular furniture for a children’s room can be bought as a whole set, and each module separately.

Children’s Sonya 5 equipment:

  1. Table CO-22
  2. Bed CO-25
  3. Poof small СО-28
  4. Shelf CO-17 (2pcs.)
  5. Chest of combined СО-19
  6. Mirror СО-20


Children’s Sonia 5 Premium

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Детская Соня 5 Премиум