Ergonomic mattress “Prime 2”

Ergonomic mattress “Prime” on the block of independent springs PS-500!

The absence in the model of solid fillers allows the spring block to most effectively provide a high degree of orthopedic and elasticity.

Barrel springs, enclosed in separate tissue pouches, work independently of each other, ensuring the correct position of the spine during sleep and relaxation of muscles with reliable support of the body.

Modern Orto-soft material evenly distributes the load on the spring unit and gives the sleeping room extra softness and comfort.

Composition by layers:
Orto-Soft (7 mm)
Spring System PS-500
Reinforced perimeter
The maximum load per bed is 100 kg

Height – 15 cm

Stiffness – soft


Orthopedic mattress.

Choose the right size of the mattress

Mattress Bonel 900х2000 2600 rubles
Mattress Bonel 1200×2000 3300 rubles
Mattress Bonel 1400×2000 3800 rubles
Mattress Bonel 1600h2000 4400 rubles

A series of mattresses on a classic spring block for adherents of time-tested traditions. Professional performance meets the established criteria for the quality and reliability of the mattress. Dreams of a comfortable and healthy sleep will become available.