Inexpensive bedrooms


Country of origin: NZ

The size of the bed is A3100: 1785x2080x1100 (h) mm
Sleeper: 1600×2000 mm
Size of the chest of drawers А3102: 500х415х995 (h) mm
The size of the mirror A3103: 700x35x1655 (h) mm
The size of the cabinet A3101: 500x415x515 (h) mm

Color: Italian walnut

Material: MDF, Ldsp, PVC edge 1 mm
Covering: laminate
Additional Information:

Bedroom from the collection of furniture “Alba”. One of the best design developments. It is made of the Spanish lacquered profile MDF, MDF. Texture – Italian walnut. All open parts are sealed with 1 mm PVC edge. For the production of facades used high-quality Spanish varnished profile with a darkening effect.

Fittings from the leading Spanish manufacturer NAVARRO AZORIN.

The cost of the bed does not include an orthopedic base and a mattress.

Also here you can buy mattresses from “economy” to “premium” class.



This bed model can have different sleeping places:
Bed A3119 (spacing place 140×200) – 21174 rubles.
Bed A3120 (spacing 180×200) – 22994 rubles.
Composition of the composition:
Bed A3100 (160×200) – 21919 rubles.
Bedside table A3101 – 8406 rub. X2
Chest high A3102 – 14812 rub.
Mirror A3103- 10528 rub.