Modular children’s Provence 3

Modular children’s Provence 3

A set of beautiful children’s furniture in white, a gorgeous bunk bed with a roomy combined closet, a curbstone and a chest of drawers with 3 drawers – what else is needed for a full-fledged, beautiful and functional children’s room? This is more than enough and all this can be purchased from us in the online furniture store in a couple of clicks, saving a lot of their time. All materials are safe and high quality.

Children’s Provence 3 consists of: Dimensions: (Sh.G.V.)

  1. HM 009.25 Combined cabinet 1668x616x2150 mm
  2. НМ 011.74 Bed 2-tiered 1942х1270х1990 mm
  3. НМ 009.22 Cabinet 406х408х556 mm
  4. HM 011.63 Chest of 808x456x986 mm

Children’s Provence 3

Детская Прованс 3