oak “Sonoma” / “Magnolia gloss”

Country of origin: Spain

• color of the case: oak “Sonoma”

• color of facades: oak “Sonoma” / “Magnolia gloss”

• color of the back of the bed: oak “Sonoma” / “Mercury”

Material: Ldsp 16 mm, 22 mm, MDF 16 mm, 24 mm


Covering: laminate, PVC edge 2 mm and 0.4 mm

The modular program.

Composition of the composition:

Name Article Size () Price

Bedside table (2 pcs.) 54.17 470х420х540 4200х2

Bed 140х200 54.12 1470х2060х1000 15330

Rack of angular station wagon. 54.05 550x300x2200 6880

Corner cabinet 54.03 900х900х2200 20790

Two-door wardrobe 54.01 900х550х2200 21530

Chest of drawers 54.08 900х450х860 12920

Panel with a mirror 54.18 550х120х850 2840

Orthopedic base metal. OK2 140×200 5220
Description: The modular program of bedroom furniture “Breeze” is made in a modern style. The originality of the collection is the smooth lines of milling on glossy facades and the soft head of the bed. The bedroom “Breeze” is distinguished: a single style, functionality.

Features of the model
• complex milling with a pattern
• soft headboard
• Height-adjustable feet
• Intersection screeds for connecting modules together
• hinges with door closers for soft closing of doors
• the possibility to complete a bed with a mattress