Sofa bed Lovely bears

Sofa bed Lovely bears

Product Code: 7004
Диван-кровать Милые мишки

Bed for baby Lovely bears

Original sofa bed Lovely bears can decorate any children’s room, will be a real gift for your child. Has a comfortable backrest, thanks to which the child during sleep will not touch the cold wall. The bed does not have any sharp corners. The method of drawing the drawing is direct printing, in contrast to the film, thanks to this application the pattern does not come off in time and the sofa will retain its original appearance for a long time. The sofa bed is sold complete with a base, without a mattress and rollers.

One-door case-pencil case

A beautiful and small one-winged chest-case, it perfectly fits into the modern interior of the room, and thanks to the small dimensions it will occupy a minimum of space. The cabinet-pencil behind the blind door is equipped with a mezzanine shelf, a bar for outer clothing and one lower shelf.



One-door case-pencil AM-06 premium crocodile

Elegant one-door swinging case-box premium-crocodile AM-06, which is stylish design, functionality and ergonomics, does not take up much space, and will perfectly fit even in the interior of rooms with complex layout. The chest cabinet behind the blind swinging door is equipped with five equal shelves for storing clothes, clothes and other things. The facade of the cabinet door is decorated with a realistic imitation of crocodile skin, which gives it an exquisite appearance. Buy a pencil case with shelves can be an independent element of the interior, but it is possible as part of the modular headset Alexandria.


Material: Particleboard, MDF
Height: 2005 mm
Depth: 438 mm
Width: 500 mm